Considering Learning Music Lessons?

There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument, as backed up by science! It is never too late to start to learn, my oldest pupil is 81!

Some of the advantages include stimulating the brain (which makes you smarter) hearing and memory. It improves reading and encourages creativity if you make up your own tunes! Adding daily practise to your routine encourages organisation and it certainly boosts your self esteem when you perform to your friends and family. Learning to play reduces stress and builds confidence.

It makes you laugh or cry with emotion too! Have you ever stopped to listen to someone performing piano publicly say in a shopping centre ? Well that could be you! Or choose the trumpet and improve your breathing and posture, join a band and meet others! Be proactive, take the plunge with a consultation lesson!

Considering piano, trumpet or musical theory lessons?

Are you new to private music teaching or you feel you need a refresher on the instrument technique ? I provide piano lessons in Nottingham, trumpet lessons and musical theory lessons for all ages.

Or do you need some help with theory, especially with those who need to pass grade 5? There are some differences with the teaching approach for adults and children… Such as lesson preparation ,communication, organisation and patience which you need lots of!

I’m always looking for ways to improve, and I’m sure you are too! So come for a consultation and let’s see if we can create an awesome experience for your students! You can contact me here.